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What Mediation Is

  • A process whereby a separating couple/family members negotiate about the arrangements for their future with the help of a neutral third party

  • A safe place for separating couples/family members to resolve their differences at their own pace with an opportunity to recognise and address the needs of the children

  • A way of helping couples to reach agreements based on needs, concerns and interests

  • A voluntary process and typically less stressful than court proceedings

  • Confidential (subject to disclosure of financial information and any concerns about harm to children)

  • Inclusive – decision making rests entirely with the participants. The separating couple/family members are treated as the experts in dealing with their children, their finances and their future

  • Future focus – whilst it is understandable that parties may wish to talk about what has gone on in the past, the focus is on how best to move forward with a practical eye on the future

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