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Holiday Arrangements for Divorced Parents

Created By : 22-Jun-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 53 Comment: 0

There are no typical rules for holiday arrangements for divorced parents, the key is in communication.


This article will give you some helpful hints of what to do and what not to do to help you arrange holidays with the other parent in a sensible manner.

Do I have Parental Responsibility?

Created By : 18-Jun-2018 Published In: Mediation Hits: 67 Comment: 0

When it comes to Family Law issues surrounding children, the first question you need to ask yourself is, ‘do I have parental responsibility?’ Why? Because without Parental Responsibility you could potentially have no say in your child’s upbringing, we will look more closely into these rights further on in this article.

When will you be starting divorce proceedings?

Created By : 26-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 97 Comment: 0

For many couples facing divorce proceedings, they will have made the conscious decision to minimise the negative impact that the process can bring on the rest of the family. Very often, this means that many couples will wait until Christmas, birthdays and will have allowed important holidays to pass before they commence divorce proceedings.

Why should I be open and frank about my finances during our divorce?

Created By : 19-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 116 Comment: 0

It would be naïve of divorce lawyers to take the financial information they are presented at face value. Whilst unfortunate, it is inevitable that some people will attempt to distort their financial situation for their own gain during the divorce process.