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When will you be starting divorce proceedings?

Created By : 26-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 45 Comment: 0

For many couples facing divorce proceedings, they will have made the conscious decision to minimise the negative impact that the process can bring on the rest of the family. Very often, this means that many couples will wait until Christmas, birthdays and will have allowed important holidays to pass before they commence divorce proceedings.

Why should I be open and frank about my finances during our divorce?

Created By : 19-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 52 Comment: 0

It would be naïve of divorce lawyers to take the financial information they are presented at face value. Whilst unfortunate, it is inevitable that some people will attempt to distort their financial situation for their own gain during the divorce process.


Are you planning on getting remarried?

Created By : 13-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 53 Comment: 0

Having already experienced divorce, you will be aware how difficult the process can be, particularly when there are complicated financial issues to sort. In view of this, you will want to ensure that you are fully protected should you wish to remarry.

Will I be eligible to receive spousal maintenance?

Created By : 09-Apr-2018 Published In: Divorce Hits: 54 Comment: 0

For some individuals a divorce represents an opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to start over and build a new life. However, for the majority of people a divorce can be a hugely stressful time, and a time when separating spouses will worry over how they will manage financially.


The courts, as well as your appointed family lawyers, should always strive to reach an agreement that is fair to both partners. Within certain divorce cases it may well be deemed appropriate that one partner receives financial support from their spouse post-divorce. This support is often referred to as spousal maintenance.