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What will happen to the family home after we divorce?

Created By : 22-Feb-2018 Write By: alunjones Published In: Divorce Hits: 4 Comment: 0

The biggest worry that most people have when going through a divorce is ‘where will I live after we divorce?’


This along with other similar questions, are often asked during initial meetings with our family lawyers. To further assist you, we have put together areas that a family lawyer and the court would consider when considering a financial settlement.

Are pre-nuptial agreements binding?

Created By : 22-Feb-2018 Write By: richard Published In: Mediation Hits: 5 Comment: 0

Some couples who want to get married may have worries and concerns over the legal relationship and implications that a marriage can cause.


This is perfectly understandable, after all most people fear the uncertainty of what will happen to their financial situation if the relationship was to breakdown. So, for some couples the solution is to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement.

What does the term ‘parental alienation’ actually mean?

Created By : 13-Feb-2018 Write By: alunjones Published In: Divorce Hits: 11 Comment: 0

A family breakup is undoubtedly going to be an unhappy time for anyone that’s involved, regardless of how well the parents aim to shield their children from the breakup.


Resolution states that plans for a ‘no-fault divorce’ should not be put on hold

Created By : 13-Feb-2018 Write By: alunjones Published In: Divorce Hits: 12 Comment: 0

Tune into the news today and you’re sure of one topic that will surely make the headlines, that topic is Brexit. Frequently we hear stories about how Brexit may impact our economy, however, we rarely hear any stories relating to how Brexit may affect our personal relationships.