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How We Charge


This is how lawyers have traditionally charged for their services, by way of an ongoing retainer at a pre-agreed hourly rate. Our hourly rates start from £130 per hour (plus VAT). We will be happy to discuss and agree with you an appropriate and competitive hourly rate at the outset of your case at the same time as providing estimate as to the overall cost of your case.


We are able to offer you competitive fixed fees for a broad range of our services, including Divorce packages (click here for our Undefended Divorce Terms and Conditions), Prenuptial Agreements, Consent Order drafting, Form E completion/checker service, etc. Click here for our fixed fee price list.


Many of our clients nowadays prefer to conduct their case in their own right, consulting with us on an ad hoc basis as their case progresses. This can result in substantial cost savings in some cases. You retain ultimate control of your correspondence, court attendances, with the benefit of our expertise in the background. Again we are happy to discuss with you an appropriate hourly rate for working with you in this way.

We know all too well that legal fees can be expensive. Whilst we may not be the cheapest (we believe you get what you pay for) we will certainly be competitive.  At our discounted initial fixed fee meeting (£120 inclusive of VAT) we will be able to provide you with case specific advice and also a detailed estimate/ quote for the total cost of your case. We take a responsible approach in advising you to properly budget for your legal fees and we strongly recommend in appropriate circumstances that a Standing Order Mandate is set up so that you can properly budget for your legal costs as your case progresses.