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How Long, How Much?

Cost of Mediation Cardiff

As a Lawyer Mediator I manage a series of meetings between separating couples. Sometimes it will be appropriate for an additional mediator to be involved, for example a mediator with a specific expertise in children or on psychological issues. As a Family Lawyer Mediator I manage the meetings as an impartial facilitator helping to develop options and to manage the agenda. Sessions typically take between one and a half and two hours, but they can be longer/shorter depending on the needs of the participants and depending upon the issues to be resolved. Most mediations should be resolved by the end of the fifth session, possibly sooner. Mediation sessions should ideally take place every few weeks, but this is again dictated by the wishes of the participants. 

The total cost depends on how many sessions and the number of mediators involved. As a general guide, mediation will cost between £500 plus VAT and £2,500 plus VAT per couple, but this can all be discussed at the initial assessment meeting.


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